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{15} Ticket on which documentation is needed (8 matches)

For new features or enhancement, some times the documentation needs to be updated or created. Here are the corresponding tickets.

Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Created
#61 metas non prise en compte dans les templates de zones jelix:core 1.0alpha5 Jelix 1.3 beta 1 bug laurentj 11/29/06
#977 emptyitem et menulist obligatoire jelix:forms 1.1.3 Jelix 1.3 beta 1 bug Julien 08/28/09
#1016 jAcl2Db: support named groups jelix:acl trunk Jelix 1.3 beta 1 enhancement Julien 11/12/09
#1126 better handling of error, with a template jelix Jelix 1.3 beta 1 enhancement laurentj 06/28/10
#1203 les plugins jlocale n'accepte pas tous les paramètres pour jLocale::get jelix:plugins:tpl 1.1.7 Jelix 1.3 beta 1 enhancement 10/19/10
#1231 jTpl: Variable variables in template expressions produce syntax errors jelix:tpl 1.1.7 bug 11/23/10
#1252 Langue par défaut jelix:core:jLocale 1.2 Jelix 1.3 beta 1 enhancement Julien 01/03/11
#1458 new plugin : imagemodule jelix:plugins:tpl trunk Jelix 1.4 new feature 04/03/12
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