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10:21 Ticket #941 (Cannot use a form with an id control with the jauthdb_admin module) closed by laurentj
fixed: Done. r1436. The parameter has been renamed to j_user_login. A new …
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00:01 Ticket #941 (Cannot use a form with an id control with the jauthdb_admin module) created by laurentj
If we use a specific dao and form which contain a field/control named …


13:14 Ticket #940 (French found in configuration file) created by afroxav
I found some french terms and sentences inside an application's …
12:34 Ticket #939 (UTF8 support for mysql with PDO drivers does not works) created by laurentj
In a mail I received from Matt Darling, here is a patch for …


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19:24 en/doc-guidelines created by afroxav


17:37 Ticket #938 (Create a jfullurl tpl plugin to get the absolute url) created by mike
In some cases like email templates, it's useful to use links with the full …


11:38 Milestone Jelix 1.1.3 completed
Maintenance release of Jelix 1.1 (will fixed some bugs discovered in jelix …
11:38 Milestone Jelix 1.0.9 completed
Maintenance release of Jelix 1.0 (will fixed some bugs discovered in jelix …
09:56 Ticket #877 (Bad path in Jelix script with JELIX_APP_TEMP_PATH) closed by
fixed: Replying to bballizlife: > : Could you please …


21:33 Ticket #937 (Give permission has jelix-scripts to create applications) created by Lipki
Actuellement seul createapp peut créer des applications a cause de : …
16:50 Ticket #920 (better display of error messages in jelix-scripts) closed by bballizlife
fixed: I checked for missing end lines in every commands. Some where missing in …
15:55 Ticket #933 (wrong locales call in jauth controller) closed by bballizlife
fixed: thanks for the patch ! commited in branch 1.0.x, branch 1.1.x and trunk …


23:54 Ticket #936 (Opérateur NOT LIKE dans jDaoConditions) closed by thomas
fixed: Committed in the trunk, r1430
23:18 Ticket #912 (Toutes les actions contenant un formulaires posent problème) closed by laurentj
worksforme: je viens de tester avec l'extension de la version 1.1, pas de souci.
12:55 Ticket #890 (Problème erreur jAcl sur serveur windows) closed by laurentj
worksforme: Je viens de tester avec 1.1.1, sous windows, ça fonctionne sans erreur. …


19:05 Ticket #935 (Droits auth.user.* dans jauthdb_admin) closed by laurentj
fixed: bon, je me suis trompé, auth.users.* sont bien utilisé. J'ai rajouté les …


14:15 Ticket #936 (Opérateur NOT LIKE dans jDaoConditions) created by thomas
L'opérateur NOT LIKE n'est pas accepté dans JDaoConditions.
09:12 Ticket #935 (Droits auth.user.* dans jauthdb_admin) created by Daxey
Dans jauthdb_admin un utilisateur ayant des droits auth.user.* (comme par …


23:10 Ticket #934 (wikieditor) created by foxmask
voici un nouveau control, permettant d'afficher une barre d'outils au …


00:55 Ticket #933 (wrong locales call in jauth controller) created by catsoup
Pour les exceptions lorsque les parametres de config after_login et …


10:40 Ticket #836 (jAcl2: problem when using rights on resources) closed by laurentj
fixed: I landed a new interface to manage global rights and rights on resources. …


15:50 Ticket #932 (enhancement in jMailer file driver) created by bastnic
Laurent recently add a file driver for jMailer which I think it's a very …


22:27 Ticket #931 (Plugin NoSpam) created by foxmask
this plugin provides a feature to display an email mixed with image to be …


18:06 Ticket #930 (jacl2 documentation: missing user management with group) created by laurentj
On (and in …
10:51 Ticket #929 (magic_quotes coord plugin should handle $_FILES) closed by Julien
fixed: committed in the trunk, 1.1.x and 1.0.x branches, r1427
10:24 Ticket #929 (magic_quotes coord plugin should handle $_FILES) created by Julien
If the file's name is "Julien's patch", we have : […] Here's the …


17:32 Ticket #928 (Site : page "Support" absente en version anglaise) created by foxmask
il n'y a pas de version anglaise de la page "Support" sur la page …
14:21 Ticket #927 (setReadOnly sur un formulaire entier) created by
Actuellement, on ne peut appliquer la méthode setReadOnly() que sur un …


19:37 Ticket #926 (jForms IPv4 filter jquery function invalid) closed by laurentj
fixed: yes, this is already fixed, but not yet in a release. (1.2 was released at …
12:11 Ticket #926 (jForms IPv4 filter jquery function invalid) created by Nigoki
In the file named jforms_jquery.js in the jelix-www package, the filter …


16:17 Ticket #925 (jTpl standalone night n'existe pas) closed by bballizlife
fixed: Thanks for the report, i fixed it.
15:43 Ticket #925 (jTpl standalone night n'existe pas) created by foxmask
Sur la page, le lien …
10:56 Ticket #904 (Documentation about dynamic changes in jforms) closed by bballizlife
duplicate: duplicate #807
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