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Ticket #1004: jelix-1.0.x-events-rename-compiled-file-depending-of-entrypoint.2.diff

File jelix-1.0.x-events-rename-compiled-file-depending-of-entrypoint.2.diff, 534 bytes (added by catsoup, 12 years ago)

changed double quote to simple in basename function, for consistency :)

  • lib/jelix/events/jEvent.class.php

    diff -r 49b69791d0aa lib/jelix/events/jEvent.class.php
    a b  
    170170    */
    171171    protected static function loadListenersFor ($eventName) {
    172172        if (!isset($GLOBALS['JELIX_EVENTS'])) {
     173            self::$compilerDatas[3] = basename($GLOBALS['gJCoord']->request->urlScriptName, '.php').'.'.self::$compilerDatas[3];
    173174            jIncluder::incAll(self::$compilerDatas);
    174175        }