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#509 Ability to change jelix context on the fly enhancement normal jelix 1.0.2
#318 Add the support of the mysqli API FlorianLB new feature highest jelix:db 1.0 beta 3.1
#1073 Create a class and a jTpl plugin to manage easily root Urls new feature normal jelix:plugins:tpl trunk
#1474 Driver mysql et mysqli et objet jDaoRecordBase bug low jelix:plugins:db 1.4beta1
#237 Implementer jPrefs new feature normal jelix:utils
#1213 New coord plugin to trace execution new feature high jelix:plugins:coord trunk
#953 Passing lang parameter to jUrl automatically laurentj enhancement high jelix:plugins:urls 1.1.3
#1448 Permettre l'utilisation de __call dans les controlleurs. flav new feature normal jelix:controllers 1.3.1
#1479 Simple url engine should be declared as deprecated laurentj enhancement highest jelix:plugins:urls 1.3.2
#545 Templates virtuel doubleface enhancement normal jelix:tpl trunk
#1200 add {meta_if} {meta_elsif} {meta_else} {/meta_if} operators to jTpl laurentj enhancement normal jelix:plugins:tpl 1.1.7
#23 classe lecture d’un rss/atom distant FlorianLB task high jelix:utils
#1473 cmd.php createdao et driver mysqli bug low jelix-scripts 1.4beta1
#859 exposing js/css/img files of a module into the www space laurentj new feature low jelix:core response 1.1
#1243 jForms - Impossible de charger les css et js nécessaires à jForms bug normal jelix:forms 1.2RC3
#1458 new plugin : imagemodule new feature normal jelix:plugins:tpl trunk
#4 système de cache http enhancement highest jelix:core
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