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#995 It's not possible to specify to not use no thousands separator in number_format plugin bug low jelix:plugins:tpl 1.1.3
#998 jIniFileModifer et les contenus avec des " bug low jelix:utils 1.1.3
#709 Le champ de saisie de type "html" ne se met pas en erreur quand le HTML est invalide bug normal jelix:forms 1.1 beta 1
#807 doc : complete jforms doc about dynamic changes task normal web site: documentation - do not use -
#881 jForms: in testapp, choice control has not red star although it is required bug normal jelix:forms 1.1
#896 createform failed because jelix don't know jDaoParser bastnic bug normal jelix-scripts trunk
#899 jFilter: cleaned up HTML code should be XHTML compliant Julien bug normal jelix:utils trunk
#915 jacl2db_admin et stockage des groupe anonyme en base de données bug normal jelix:acl 1.1.2
#930 jacl2 documentation: missing user management with group enhancement normal web site: documentation - do not use - 1.1
#940 French found in configuration file bballizlife bug normal jelix 1.1.3
#941 Cannot use a form with an id control with the jauthdb_admin module laurentj bug normal module:jauthdb_admin 1.1.3
#945 Bug avec {image} quand le nom de l'image contient un espace bug normal jelix:utils 1.1.3
#946 Cannot redeclare template_meta_6f761XXX lipki bug normal jelix:core 1.1.3
#948 htmlfragment : $this->_charset not properly define laurentj bug normal jelix:core response 1.1.3
#949 jSession: cannot use NOW() in dao storage because sqlite doesn't support it Julien bug normal jelix:core:jSession 1.1.3
#963 Impossible d'utiliser les attributs width et height sur le plugin image Surfoo bug normal jelix:utils trunk
#980 jelix-script createdao should'nt validate fieldname with "-" bug normal jelix-scripts 1.1.3
#983 invalid error locale in jMailer class bug normal jelix:utils trunk
#984 jResponseHtml : balise meta content inadaptée si $xhtmlContentType = true laurentj bug normal jelix:core response 1.1.3
#991 les droits des groupes sont irrévocables bug normal module:jacl2db_admin 1.1.3
#996 meta_html plugin should allow additionnal parameters enhancement normal jelix:plugins:tpl 1.1.3
#1010 DISTINCT does not work if the table is aliased doubleface bug normal jelix:dao 1.1.3
#918 Avoid realpath in application.init.php laurentj bug high jelix:core 1.1
#962 jForms::getModifiedControls don't return changed controls which contains multiple values laurentj bug high jelix:forms 1.1.3
#994 jFilter::cleanAttr must check on a white list instead of black list laurentj bug high jelix:utils 1.1.3
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