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#531 Template meta CSS aren't generated in the right order bug normal jelix:tpl 1.0.2
#633 CLI script and applications shouldn't share the same temp directory bug high jelix-scripts 1.0.4
#682 Performance issue : 1.1 is slower than 1.0 laurentj bug highest jelix trunk
#691 jForms: radiobutton with value 0 should not get selected by default Julien bug normal jelix:forms trunk
#700 jformsbase::getModifiedControl is not very useful bug normal jelix:forms trunk
#714 netHttp class does not send right header for Basic authentication bug normal jelix:utils trunk
#715 error in checkTrustedModules function laurentj bug normal jelix:core trunk
#721 dbprofils.ini not loaded on createVirtualProfil doubleface bug normal jelix:db 1.1 beta 1
#724 jDao: autoremove of empty groups in jDaoConditions Julien bug normal jelix:dao 1.1 beta 1
#726 bad calling of outputErrors() bballizlife bug normal jelix:core response trunk
#729 Remaining calls to old jResponseCmdline::setExitStatus in junittests module doubleface bug normal module:junittests trunk
#735 Message d'erreur lors de l'utilisation de jImageModifier bug high jelix 1.1 beta 1
#741 small image bugs - followup of #604 bibo bug normal jelix:utils trunk
#743 jForms: server side check for <input type="url"> doesn't work Julien bug normal jelix:forms trunk
#746 testapp: problems when stripping comments Julien bug normal app:testapp trunk
#749 jCoordinator: exception loop when response's constructor fails Julien bug high jelix:core 1.1 beta 1
#751 jForms: javascript check of secret control's confirmation does not work Julien bug normal jelix:forms trunk
#753 Update jMailer to PHPMailer 2.3 bibo bug low jelix:utils trunk
#755 jForms : Problème de sélection d'item Julien bug normal jelix:forms trunk
#756 htmleditor jForm not display in a sub template bug normal jelix:forms trunk
#757 jForms: some controls are selected by default if their values are "0". Julien bug high jelix:forms trunk
#758 / en double sur la construction du path d'un fichier de locale Julien bug normal jelix:core:jLocale trunk
#763 scripts : error loading any class from jelix... bug normal jelix-scripts trunk
#766 jAuth: updateUser, fix a trivial bug and simplify bibo bug high jelix:auth trunk
#769 jForms: Declaration of jFormsControlGroups::setReadOnly() should be compatible with that of jFormsControl::setReadOnly() Julien bug normal jelix:forms trunk
#772 getModifiedControls don't work for checkbox bug normal jelix:forms 1.1 beta 1
#775 documentation: document wwwpath option of createapp script bug low jelix-scripts trunk
#776 scripts: createapp -wwwpath "somepath" doesn't work under windows bibo bug normal jelix-scripts trunk
#781 Bug de validation d'un formulaire quand il y a un tag <radiobuttons> dans le formulaire Julien bug normal jelix:forms trunk
#783 Impossible de créer un module quand basePath contient un chemin virtuel bug normal jelix-scripts 1.1RC1
#788 jQuery: we should'nt use the shortcut '$(..)' to use jQuery, as it may conflit with other libs. Julien bug normal jelix:forms 1.0RC1
#790 jForms : Il y 24h dans une journée, pas 60 bug normal jelix:plugins 1.1RC1
#791 check for addJSLink, addCSSLink support before calling it bibo bug normal jelix:forms trunk
#794 datepicker cant work when ui.core.js loaded twice bug normal jelix:forms 1.0RC1
#803 Erreur authentification module master_admin laurentj bug normal jelix-scripts 1.1RC2
#805 The html code generated by the plugin swf is not correct bug low jelix:plugins:tpl 1.1RC2
#814 Erreurs avec tcpdf dans le trunk Julien bug high jelix:core:pdf 1.1RC3
#815 jAuth::logout should also clear jAcl2 cache bug low jelix:auth 1.1 beta 1
#816 Bug quand un nombre impaire de widget est ajoute au dashboard admin bug normal module:master_admin 1.1RC3
#818 testapp has no jAcl2 driver set up Julien bug high app:testapp trunk
#820 master_module install ; drop the existing rights laurentj bug highest module:master_admin 1.1RC3
#823 listener name in lowercase? laurentj bug low jelix:events 1.1 beta 1
#824 Boolean fields are no longer saved to dao by jForms bug high jelix:forms trunk
#829 Plugin "history" sends POST datas dubphil bug highest jelix:plugins trunk
#163 creating an app with no document root enhancement normal jelix-scripts 1.0 beta2
#385 Improve optimized edition enhancement normal jelix 1.0RC1
#403 upgrade de tcpdf à la version 2.0 Julien enhancement normal jelix:core response 1.0RC2
#461 mise à jour des données en session lors d'un updateUser par le user lui-même Julien enhancement normal jelix:auth trunk
#472 Include the release of jTpl 1.0 enhancement high jelix:tpl 1.0.2
#478 jforms: support of protection against CSRF laurentj enhancement highest jelix:forms 1.0.2
#486 create xmlrpc, soap and other entrypoint with createapp enhancement low jelix-scripts 1.0.2
#604 jImage enhancement normal jelix:utils trunk
#609 Make application.init.php the single entry point for framework path dependancy enhancement low jelix-scripts trunk
#658 jauth~login:form should support auth_url_return in the form enhancement normal module:jauth 1.0.5
#678 All error messages are not displayed in some response type laurentj enhancement normal jelix:core response 1.0.5
#683 Nom de la méthode d'appel aux paramètres dans les controleur et les zones enhancement low jelix:utils trunk
#696 add a config option to specify default form builder bibo enhancement normal jelix:forms trunk
#701 prefix des tables dans dbprofils.ini.php enhancement normal jelix trunk
#705 Pb Soap avec eaccelerator sylvain261 enhancement normal jelix:core:soap 1.1 beta 1
#710 support external absolute url as jform action Julien enhancement normal jelix:forms trunk
#717 there is no way to disable zone caching enhancement normal jelix:utils 1.1 beta 1
#720 Diff : patch for diff plugin + dilffhtml foxmask enhancement low jelix:utils 1.1 beta 1
#747 documentation about creating jforms builders enhancement normal web site: documentation - do not use - trunk
#750 use of a new response "htmlauth" in the action jauth~login:form bballizlife enhancement normal module:jauth trunk
#770 jDao: when updating a record, properties with an updatepattern should be updated in the record object Julien enhancement normal jelix:dao trunk
#777 Allow a CLI script to be dedicated to a specific action laurentj enhancement normal jelix:core request 1.0RC1
#811 master_admin ajout de zone dans le menu Lipki enhancement normal module:master_admin trunk
#812 master_admin pouvoir personnaliser l'info-box Lipki enhancement normal module:master_admin trunk
#819 jTcpdf should use helvetica as default font Julien enhancement high jelix trunk
#400 Add support of firephp new feature low jelix 1.0RC2
#409 script pour tester un hebergement jelix compliant laurentj new feature normal jelix 1.0RC2
#728 jForms: new addControlBefore() method Julien new feature normal jelix:forms trunk
#196 jforms: ajout d'un datepicker pour la saisie des dates/times Julien task high jelix:forms 1.0 beta2
#389 Update jMailer to PHPMailer 2.x task low jelix:utils 1.0RC1
#664 move some classes in their own file task low jelix trunk
#771 Documentation about using jelix.php laurentj task high web site: documentation - do not use -
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