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#1199 {ifuserconnected} and {ifuserconnected} should optionnally concern metas too assigned bricet enhancement normal
#1204 jsonp response confirmed laurentj new feature normal
#1205 jDao insert should accept an array of record confirmed enhancement normal
#1217 jZone - Suppression des fichiers en fonction d'une période reviewing yamsuz new feature normal
#1223 New router for URL assigned laurentj enhancement highest
#1227 We should have a maxlength on upload confirmed enhancement normal
#1246 Fichier CSS et la compression avec plusieurs media en attribut confirmed bug low
#1249 Build script for language pack confirmed task normal
#1257 Modificateur regex_replace confirmed enhancement normal
#1276 jDao : property to records of a foreign table confirmed enhancement normal
#1293 jDateTime::substract confirmed bug normal
#1319 La possibilité d'avoir des sous-dossiers dans les sélécteurs confirmed laurentj enhancement low
#1321 jforms, html editor: should not allow to create forbidden elements confirmed enhancement low
#1323 wr3_to_xhtml et % confirmed bug normal
#1328 jSession, stockage dans un répertoire confirmed bug normal
#1336 jForms: empty upload controls linked to a dao property should not erase the property's value assigned Julien bug normal
#1339 jForms: choice controls should be allowed in group controls assigned obs enhancement normal
#1380 Parser wikirender et balise fermante code confirmed bug normal
#1399 urlHandler : manage anchors confirmed enhancement low
#1418 Oracle ne retourne pas de manière prédictive les résultats assigned laurentj bug normal
#1423 Appliqué un des filtres supplémentaires dans jForms pour "préparer" les données assigned FlorianLB new feature normal
#1429 Modify the module context during the call of an event listener ? new enhancement low
#1436 jDao : a notice is dropped on insert() when having an "insertpattern" on a PK and on a regular field assigned bricet bug normal
#1439 Balise meta "generator" par défaut delayed new feature normal
#1441 Can not use {assign}'ed values in metas delayed bug normal
#1443 OAuth authentification assigned obs new feature normal
#1449 Permettre à un plugin de template d'accéder à la variable _blockStack de jTplCompiler. confirmed new feature normal
#1453 jDao : DELETE table1 query with join on table2 assigned lucky1er enhancement normal
#1454 The command line should be verbose when updating confirmed enhancement low
#1462 Load all the JS in the footer confirmed new feature normal
#1463 Configure different crud links in DaoCrud assigned FlorianLB enhancement normal
#1468 Allowing to indicate a real title to createapp confirmed enhancement normal
#1477 Creation d'un plugin pour mongoDB confirmed new feature normal
#1492 Add an attribute to jForms to submit it by XHR assigned obs enhancement normal
#1493 Use jQuery UI Spinner in the time and datetime jForms control assigned obs enhancement low
#1494 Use jQuery UI tooltip in jForms control assigned obs enhancement low
#1511 New implementation of jUrl::getCurrentUrl() is not compatible with some usage of url handlers new bug high
#1516 Jelix and PostgreSQL : createdao should be able to guess the sequence confirmed enhancement normal
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