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#1516 Jelix and PostgreSQL : createdao should be able to guess the sequence confirmed enhancement normal
#5 Etendre l'objet record delayed enhancement low
#13 escape auto sur params des methodes php delayed enhancement normal
#34 pouvoir specifier des relations avec d’autres daos delayed enhancement high
#265 jDao - prise en compte des types longblob delayed enhancement normal
#339 le script createdao devrait accepter une parametre -update delayed enhancement low
#361 Etendre jDao pour le rendre plus souple. delayed new feature normal
#485 jforms: support of a filter attribute delayed enhancement normal
#567 jforms: dynamique behaviors between controls delayed new feature normal
#597 jelix template :{metajscode} a new html plugin delayed new feature normal
#616 jUrl: gestion des domaines / sous-domaines delayed laurentj new feature low
#620 jforms : Liste de check box, bouton radio delayed new feature normal
#655 having less dependencies with _SERVER in jRequest ? delayed laurentj new feature low
#670 New Object relational mapper delayed new feature high
#675 mauvais id retourné par saveToDao delayed enhancement low
#681 Implementing an OpenID server delayed new feature normal
#704 mysql insert delayed delayed enhancement normal
#723 Impossible de créer DAO à partir des vues delayed enhancement low
#779 Add an option to hide controller in an url generated by the 'basic_significant' engine delayed enhancement normal
#868 jSelectorWWW : Selector for files stored in the www directory delayed laurentj new feature low
#893 Add a "createcoordplugin" command in the jelix-scripts delayed bballizlife new feature normal
#956 Error_handling : Différenciation entre les différentes exceptions delayed laurentj new feature normal
#981 createtplform command delayed new feature normal
#1009 DISTINCT for findBy method of jDao delayed enhancement normal
#1020 jUrl should transliterate instead of applying the replacement character delayed laurentj enhancement lowest
#1040 remove error code in messages ? delayed enhancement lowest Jelix 2.0.0
#1058 DAO : fichiers XML. pouvoir Indiquer une valeur fixe pour l'un des champs d'une clé multiple ou d'une jointure sur plusieurs champs delayed new feature normal
#1098 Il manque une méthode d'interaction utilisateur pour jControllerCmdLine delayed enhancement low
#1110 Proposition de gestion des locales en javascript delayed new feature normal
#1185 jForms: help tooltip should be close to the label, not the field delayed enhancement normal
#1439 Balise meta "generator" par défaut delayed new feature normal
#1441 Can not use {assign}'ed values in metas delayed bug normal
#1429 Modify the module context during the call of an event listener ? new enhancement low
#1511 New implementation of jUrl::getCurrentUrl() is not compatible with some usage of url handlers new bug high
#107 Implementing an OpenID controlleur (consumer) reviewing laurentj new feature highest
#1107 Gestion des paramètres nommés dans jLocale reviewing laurentj enhancement normal
#1217 jZone - Suppression des fichiers en fonction d'une période reviewing yamsuz new feature normal
#1433 CRUD et champ upload reviewing lhapaipai enhancement normal
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