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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#107 Implementing an OpenID controlleur (consumer) reviewing new feature highest modules
#1223 New router for URL assigned enhancement highest jelix:core
#956 Error_handling : Différenciation entre les différentes exceptions delayed new feature normal jelix:core
#982 Jelix2: Remove support of other charset than UTF-8 confirmed task normal Jelix 2.0.0 jelix:core
#1056 possibilité de formater jLog confirmed enhancement normal jelix:core
#1071 jForms : add methods to the API to help manage reference count introduced in #876 fix assigned enhancement normal jelix:forms
#1107 Gestion des paramètres nommés dans jLocale reviewing enhancement normal jelix:core
#1204 jsonp response confirmed new feature normal jelix:core response
#1418 Oracle ne retourne pas de manière prédictive les résultats assigned bug normal jelix:dao
#151 Désactivation globale des caches de l'application confirmed new feature low jelix:core
#616 jUrl: gestion des domaines / sous-domaines delayed new feature low jelix:core
#655 having less dependencies with _SERVER in jRequest ? delayed new feature low jelix:core request
#792 AJAX response: warn about functions not supported in tpl plugins, like addJSLink confirmed enhancement low jelix:core response
#868 jSelectorWWW : Selector for files stored in the www directory delayed new feature low jelix:core
#922 pagelinks plugin uses offsets instead of page numbers assigned enhancement low jelix:plugins:tpl
#1319 La possibilité d'avoir des sous-dossiers dans les sélécteurs confirmed enhancement low jelix:core
#707 Generate phar archive of jelix confirmed enhancement lowest tools:jBuildTools
#1020 jUrl should transliterate instead of applying the replacement character delayed enhancement lowest jelix:core
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