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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Component
#1511 New implementation of jUrl::getCurrentUrl() is not compatible with some usage of url handlers new bug jelix:core
#1050 Unified driver for jCache and jKVStore confirmed enhancement jelix:utils
#833 Add the ability to filter the results on a daocrud list confirmed new feature jelix:controllers
#782 Find solutions to have an easier jAuth configuration confirmed enhancement Jelix 2.0.0 jelix:auth
#778 Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection confirmed enhancement Jelix 2.0.0 jelix:utils
#670 New Object relational mapper delayed new feature jelix
#619 jdatetime should be replaced by Datetime confirmed enhancement Jelix 2.0.0 jelix:utils
#457 configuration of jacl is not consistent with jauth configuration confirmed task jelix:acl
#175 Ajouter des logs en natif dans Jelix developer edition confirmed task jelix
#34 pouvoir specifier des relations avec d’autres daos delayed enhancement jelix:dao
#27 DAO: prise en charge du format date/datetime avec DateTime confirmed enhancement Jelix 2.0.0 jelix:dao
#22 classe d'appel de service web jsonrpc confirmed task jelix:utils
#21 classe d'appel de services web xmlrpc confirmed task jelix:utils
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