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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#107 Implementing an OpenID controlleur (consumer) reviewing laurentj new feature highest
#813 Improve performance of jLocale confirmed enhancement highest
#861 New method helpers in jDbTools to manage a database confirmed enhancement highest
#1223 New router for URL assigned laurentj enhancement highest
#21 classe d'appel de services web xmlrpc confirmed task high
#22 classe d'appel de service web jsonrpc confirmed task high
#27 DAO: prise en charge du format date/datetime avec DateTime confirmed enhancement high Jelix 2.0.0
#34 pouvoir specifier des relations avec d’autres daos delayed enhancement high
#457 configuration of jacl is not consistent with jauth configuration confirmed task high
#619 jdatetime should be replaced by Datetime confirmed enhancement high Jelix 2.0.0
#670 New Object relational mapper delayed new feature high
#778 Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection confirmed enhancement high Jelix 2.0.0
#782 Find solutions to have an easier jAuth configuration confirmed enhancement high Jelix 2.0.0
#1050 Unified driver for jCache and jKVStore confirmed enhancement high
#13 escape auto sur params des methodes php delayed enhancement normal
#272 Jforms : get et fill avec la découverte automatique de l'id confirmed enhancement normal
#479 jforms: check of the type of request confirmed enhancement normal
#485 jforms: support of a filter attribute delayed enhancement normal
#565 jforms: support of <switch> confirmed enhancement normal
#566 jForms: support of <repeat> assigned obs new feature normal
#567 jforms: dynamique behaviors between controls delayed new feature normal
#975 Parsers of XML files should be more strict confirmed enhancement normal
#982 Jelix2: Remove support of other charset than UTF-8 confirmed laurentj task normal Jelix 2.0.0
#1017 Use stream wrapper to replace selectors system confirmed enhancement normal Jelix 2.0.0
#1033 use getopt for cli scripts confirmed enhancement normal Jelix 2.0.0
#1034 remove properties file about format, and use MessageFormatter confirmed task normal Jelix 2.0.0
#1037 use namespace in jelix confirmed task normal Jelix 2.0.0
#1041 remove all deprecated methods and classes confirmed task normal Jelix 2.0.0
#1044 remove the support of "type" in selectors confirmed task normal Jelix 2.0.0
#1062 kvdb drivers should implement jIKVList or Iterator confirmed enhancement normal
#1093 Rework directories organisation, to follow PSR-0 autoloading confirmed task normal Jelix 2.0.0
#1204 jsonp response confirmed laurentj new feature normal
#1227 We should have a maxlength on upload confirmed enhancement normal
#1249 Build script for language pack confirmed task normal
#1468 Allowing to indicate a real title to createapp confirmed enhancement normal
#338 Add minvalue maxvalue on dao property confirmed enhancement low
#429 jforms: It is impossible to personnalize the display of submit+items confirmed enhancement low
#436 Improve the way how submit buttons are managed assigned obs enhancement low
#490 Do not create session when it is not necessary assigned Julien enhancement low
#563 jforms : support of a cancel button confirmed enhancement low
#626 jForms: possibility to indicate parameters for initControlFromDao in the xml file confirmed enhancement low
#1321 jforms, html editor: should not allow to create forbidden elements confirmed enhancement low
#1429 Modify the module context during the call of an event listener ? new enhancement low
#707 Generate phar archive of jelix confirmed laurentj enhancement lowest
#1040 remove error code in messages ? delayed enhancement lowest Jelix 2.0.0
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