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#1511 New implementation of jUrl::getCurrentUrl() is not compatible with some usage of url handlers new high jelix:core
#648 class dao factory , bug when generating parameter with default value confirmed samtahRam normal jelix:dao
#1091 PHP crashes on particuliar cases when having 2 controllers with same name (in 2 modules) confirmed normal Jelix 2.0.0 jelix:core
#1293 jDateTime::substract confirmed normal jelix:utils
#1323 wr3_to_xhtml et % confirmed normal external libs
#1328 jSession, stockage dans un répertoire confirmed normal jelix:core
#1336 jForms: empty upload controls linked to a dao property should not erase the property's value assigned Julien normal jelix:forms
#1380 Parser wikirender et balise fermante code confirmed normal external libs
#1418 Oracle ne retourne pas de manière prédictive les résultats assigned laurentj normal jelix:dao
#1436 jDao : a notice is dropped on insert() when having an "insertpattern" on a PK and on a regular field assigned bricet normal jelix:dao
#1441 Can not use {assign}'ed values in metas delayed normal jelix:tpl
#1246 Fichier CSS et la compression avec plusieurs media en attribut confirmed low jelix:plugins:response
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