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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1511 New implementation of jUrl::getCurrentUrl() is not compatible with some usage of url handlers new bug high
#597 jelix template :{metajscode} a new html plugin delayed new feature normal
#620 jforms : Liste de check box, bouton radio delayed new feature normal
#642 jDaoFactoryBase should purpose intuituve methods confirmed new feature normal
#765 jAuth: auth plugin should periodically check the validity of credentials against the auth backend confirmed enhancement normal
#893 Add a "createcoordplugin" command in the jelix-scripts delayed bballizlife new feature normal
#1009 DISTINCT for findBy method of jDao delayed enhancement normal
#1033 use getopt for cli scripts confirmed enhancement normal Jelix 2.0.0
#1034 remove properties file about format, and use MessageFormatter confirmed task normal Jelix 2.0.0
#1037 use namespace in jelix confirmed task normal Jelix 2.0.0
#1062 kvdb drivers should implement jIKVList or Iterator confirmed enhancement normal
#1071 jForms : add methods to the API to help manage reference count introduced in #876 fix assigned laurentj enhancement normal
#1091 PHP crashes on particuliar cases when having 2 controllers with same name (in 2 modules) confirmed bug normal Jelix 2.0.0
#1185 jForms: help tooltip should be close to the label, not the field delayed enhancement normal
#1199 {ifuserconnected} and {ifuserconnected} should optionnally concern metas too assigned bricet enhancement normal
#1205 jDao insert should accept an array of record confirmed enhancement normal
#1217 jZone - Suppression des fichiers en fonction d'une période reviewing yamsuz new feature normal
#1257 Modificateur regex_replace confirmed enhancement normal
#1336 jForms: empty upload controls linked to a dao property should not erase the property's value assigned Julien bug normal
#1339 jForms: choice controls should be allowed in group controls assigned obs enhancement normal
#1441 Can not use {assign}'ed values in metas delayed bug normal
#1463 Configure different crud links in DaoCrud assigned FlorianLB enhancement normal
#792 AJAX response: warn about functions not supported in tpl plugins, like addJSLink confirmed laurentj enhancement low
#1399 urlHandler : manage anchors confirmed enhancement low
#174 Ajouter un lien vers la fiche de l'erreur dans l'annuaire des erreurs jelix depuis le message d'erreur confirmed task lowest
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