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#571 invalid "&" char in entities get escaped, and it shouldn't Julien Julien

As I worked on ticket #543 (which is closed now because it was invalid), I noticed the following bug :

having that string in a property file :

test = My title with entities & others (10 > 2<5)

and having a controller method doing this :

function index() {
$rep = $this->getResponse('html');
$rep->title = jLocale::get('test.test');

I'm getting the following HTML source code :

<title>My title with entities &amp;amp; others (10 &amp;gt; 2&amp;lt;5)</title>

I'm getting the same result if I use the escxml modifier in the HTML body.

So I think that the "&" char must be converted to "&amp;", except if it is followed by chars that will match something like

([a-z]+|#[0-9]+); // will match things like &eacute; and &#233;

I think it's the only way to safely allow entities use in jLocale strings.

Is that report valid, or should I forget about it ?

#827 duplicate "Back to Portal" bastnic foxmask

It will be usefull to be able to go back to his portal (or whatever frontend) when we are in the backend with master_module.

currently i had it to my menu but it will be a better place if we could put this kind of link at left of the logout link.

may be it could be add in the config.ini.php of the entrypoint, something like

back_to_main = foo~bar:action

#1383 fixed "cmd.php installapp" and sha1 whith salt brunto

When using sha1WithSalt and installing app whith "cmd.php installapp" generate the error below :

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function sha1WithSalt() in lib/jelix/auth/jAuthDriverBase.class.php on line 32

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