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#1465 fixed jForms: issue with refcount and CSRF token laurentj michelma
jForms::create($selector[, $id])

When creating form using an $id as a string, we should not get refCount >= 1. Line 63, jForms.class.php :

self::DEFAULT_ID = 0;
if ($formId == self::DEFAULT_ID) {
    $dc->refcount = 1;

This condition is always true when using a string because of type comparison and conversion in PHP

Don't know if this was intentionnal for jForms. If not we should use "===" operator.

#1464 fixed Some little enhancements about response tpl metas laurentj bricet

Git commit 546f10bd15c912a4fdf99ee8168cc8ae124b4a64 has a side-effect of calling metas of the template associated to jResponseHTML only once.

But it would be better for consistency (and for a few mips of performance ;) ) to call it only once.

I added too a little bugfix for non-bubbling metas in jTpl's fetch(). This bug was introduced by the git commit I mentionned before.

#1461 fixed minify and jquery.min.js foxmask

Here is what i did :

in the defaultconfig.ini.php


in my main.tpl template

{meta_html js $j_jelixwww.'jquery/jquery.min.js'}
{meta_html js $j_basepath.'bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js'}
{meta_html js $j_basepath.'bootstrap/js/bootstrap-collapse.js'}
{meta_html js $j_basepath.'bootstrap/js/bootstrap-modal.js'}
{meta_html js $j_basepath.'bootstrap/js/bootstrap-tooltip.js'}

Then when I access to my main page I have a JS error from the FireBug? Console

$ is not defined

the 2nd line comes from my main.tpl

for the first line it looks like that minify tries to minify jquery.min.js even with the excludes rule i set.

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