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#1457 wontfix misunderstanding error msg foxmask

When we enter :

php cmd.php installapp

we have the error

[error:0]	Error: bad path in jApp::tempBasePath(), it is equals to '/' !!
       Jelix cannot clear the content of the temp directory.
       Correct the path for the temp directory or create the directory you
       indicated with jApp in your application.init.php.

not because the temp dir is / but because the needed directory in temp does not exist.

Then the error should tell that instead ;)

This error occurs when we push our project on a VCS where the empty dir is not pushed too (like for example for gitiwiki:) so when We clone the project and try to install the app we meet this error.

#1456 fixed jforms: listbox linked together are not updated automatically inside a <choice> laurentj laurentj


<choice ref="activitytype">
    <label locale="" />
    <item value="activity">
        <label locale="" />
        <menulist ref="naf1">
            <label locale="" />
            <datasource dao="company~naf" method="findByParent"
            criteria="0" labelproperty="keylabel" valueproperty="id" />
        <menulist ref="naf2">
            <label locale="" />
            <datasource dao="company~naf" method="findByParent"
            criteriafrom="naf1" labelproperty="keylabel" valueproperty="id" />

naf2 is not updated when naf1 is changed.

#1455 fixed PostgreSQL : syntax error at or near "REGEXP" laurentj foxmask

Dans la documentation actuelle , il est dit qu'on peut effectuer un :

 $conditions->addCondition('status','REGEXP', '^test');

Mais avec postgresql, on obtient l'erreur

syntax error at or near "REGEXP"

et le doc officiele de postgresql ne l'indique pas non plus

il faut plutot utiliser le tilde ( ~ ) à la place du mot clé REGEXP.

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