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#728 fixed jForms: new addControlBefore() method Julien Julien

For some reason, I needed to add a control dynamically at the beginning of my jForm (last update date, not set if the entry has not been modified, and makes no sens if the form is used for creation, ...)

So I created an addControlBefore() method, that works like this :

$c = new jFormsControlOutput('update_time');
$c->label = 'Last update';

This will add my output control just before the control with "ref" attribute = "name".

Verified that current unit tests work well.

#743 fixed jForms: server side check for <input type="url"> doesn't work Julien Julien

in a form :

<input ref="website" type="url">
    <label>Website URL</label>

enter value "foobar"

Javascript check works well, but server side check passes without any warning.

We should have the same behavior as in Javascript, the attached patch could be a way to do it.

#746 fixed testapp: problems when stripping comments Julien Julien

I just noticed ugly bugs when building testapp. I took me a while to find out why.

since r1175, the build process strips out the comments by default.

It's a big problem for config files, as we get :

;<?php /* comments & extra-whitespaces have been removed by jBuildTools*/
die(''); ?>

which will produce parse errors

We could prefix theses files with "!" in the manifests (see the attached patch for testapp)

Once solved, the problem also appeared in unit tests about soap and wsdl, because wsdl NEEDS comments of methods to work !

So again, prefixing with "!" in the manifest would work.

Then, I don't know if any other file may encounter this problem, all unit tests pass with the patch applied.

So we must remember (and write somewhere) that every php file that REQUIRE comments to work must be prefixed with "!" in manifests.

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