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#1444 invalid Debugbar et comptage des requêtes sql nesswaw


J'ai ce code dans une méthode d'un controller

function insert()
    $dao = jDao::get('admin~reference');
    $rec = jDao::createRecord('admin~reference');
    $rec->title = 'Test';
    $rec->description = 'Desc';


    $rep = $this->getResponse('html');
    $rep->body->assign('MAIN', '<div id="content"><p>Ok</p></div>');
    return $rep;    

Une fois l'action exécuté, ma base contient bien un enregistrement en plus, mais la debugbar affiche qu'il y a eu deux insert.

Si je fais une boucle de 10, il fera bien 10 requêtes, mais la debugbar va afficher 20 requêtes...

#1442 fixed Crash when creating a form from command line laurentj philippev

When I try to create a form using a malformed dao file (foreign keys incorrectly set) I have the following error:

Falal Error: Class `jDaoXmlException` not found in /lib/jelix/dao/jDaoProperty.class.php 

Seems it's the same as ticket #402, but for Jelix 1.3.x

#1440 fixed jDao : bad sql generation for update methods laurentj

This clause :

     <value property="price" expr="$price" />
     <value property="price_big" expr="$price_big" />

Generates that:

, `price_big`= '.($price === null ? 'NULL' : jDb::floatToStr($price)).'_big,

instead of

, `price_big`= '.($price_big === null ? 'NULL' : jDb::floatToStr($price_big))....

It seems the bug appears only because there are two parameters begining by the same letters...

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