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#572 fixed Instructions in/not in dans jDaoConditions Julien yferp

Il y a un bug lors de la génération de requêtes utilisant des "in" et "not in" SQL : la requête générée est syntaxiquement incorrecte

#590 fixed Feature: make PDO/sqlite database path specification relative Julien maurice

php5.x+ allows using sqlite3 as PDO database with absotute path to the database file.

In order to make a web application with sqlite database relocatable, one should be able to build the path from the path of the web application itself.

But Jelix use ini file which only allows key-value driver spécification.

    ;dsn=sqlite:var/data/              ; NOT ALLOWED
    dsn=sqlite:/home/.../.../var/data/ ; NOT RELOCATABLE

So the require feature consists of add (or change) the specification of a sqlite database in dbprofiles.ini.php file to accept some relative path (suggestion has been proposed to adapt the jDbPDOConnection class)

Solution 1 : allow some variable interpretation

    ; OR

Solution 2: post-parse dsn path

    ; the dns is parsed, and modified to replace a possible relative path by an absolute one
    ; The path is relative to the APP_DIR.

Solution 3 (cut dsn in several parts)


    dsntype = sqlite

    ; just the file name itself
    dsnfile =

    ; a way to tell the base file if relative specif is used
    dsnbasedir = ABSOLUTE | APP_DIR | JELIX_DIR

    ; the dir can be absolute. il ut is relative the défault is relative to APP_DIR
    ; usless other dir is spécified by the previous key
    dsndir = var/data

Not sure which is better for minimize coding but the first solution allow simple one without some magic hidden process as for solution 2. Solution 3 has to be refine (many new keywords should be add which is not a good thing)

-- Maurice

#592 fixed form plugin create always a form with method post Julien laurentj

When we indicates 'get' as a parameter of the plugin, the generated "method" attribute has the "post" value.

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