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#480 fixed Add a default template in a new application bastnic laurentj

To display something after creating a new application and so to see if all is alright, the default controller should display something, a welcome message for example.

#427 fixed Add a formdatas plugin laurentj

The use of the form plugin is not really consistant when we want to display only label and values (so to display the content of a form), since the form plugin add javascript scripts, add a form tag etc.

The formdatas plugin should only prepare some private variables needed by fomrcontrols, ctrl_label and ctrl_value.

#759 duplicate Add a jAuth::reloadUser() method mike

If we don't use the updateUser($user) method because it's easier to use the $form->saveToDao($dao) in some cases (like if you have a lot of fields). For example :

 $user->data1 = $form->getData('data1');
 $user->data2 = $form->getData('data2');
 $user->datax = $form->getData('datax');

It would be easier if we can use :


Create this method is one way to solve the problem but we can do also a method which would save the user directly from the form like that:


I think the first solution is better, what do you think of that ?

The patch for the first solution could be something like this:

    public static function reloadUser() {
        $dr = self::_getDriver();
        $config = self::_getConfig();
        $_SESSION[$config['session_name']] = jAuth::getUser($_SESSION[$config['session_name']]->login);
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