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#1039 use FileInfo instead of mime_content_type Julien task normal Jelix 1.2RC1 jelix:forms
#316 use of a deprecated define JSON_LOOSE_TYPE in jResponseJson laurentj bug normal Jelix 1.0 RC1 jelix:core response
#750 use of a new response "htmlauth" in the action jauth~login:form bballizlife enhancement normal jelix 1.1 module:jauth
#147 use of strlen may cause bugs with strings in utf-8 bug high Jelix 1.0beta2 jelix
#1035 use the ?: operator wher it is possible task normal Jelix 1.5.0 jelix
#1038 use the const keyword instead of define task normal Jelix 1.5.0 jelix
#123 utilisation de la configuration système pour la connexion PostgreSQL laurentj enhancement low Jelix 1.0beta2 jelix:db
#221 utilisation du principe de comptes actifs/inactifs natif dans jAuth bug low Jelix 1.0beta3 jelix
#79 var naming error in atom10.tpl (atom feed response template) bug low Jelix 1.0beta1 jelix
#1386 variable de reponse et template de zone bug normal jelix
#8 variables prédéfinis dans les templates enhancement normal Jelix 1.0beta3 jelix:tpl
#1122 version des modules vides dans les autres entry points bug normal Jelix 1.2RC1 jelix:installer
#1162 warning à la migration bug normal Jelix 1.2RC1 jelix-scripts
#1018 we should avoid to call installers several times laurentj task highest Jelix 1.2 beta jelix:installer
#1183 we should compress javascripts we provide Julien enhancement normal Jelix 1.2RC1 jelix-www
#593 web: bug in forums for preformated text (code) laurentj bug low web site: forum - do not use -
#1198 when closing a tpl block plugin, it should have the parameters passed when opening the block bricet enhancement normal jelix:tpl
#934 wikieditor new feature normal Jelix 1.2 beta jelix:forms
#933 wrong locales call in jauth controller bug normal Jelix 1.0.9 jelix:auth
#1060 wrong typo dbProfils.ini.php instead of dbprofils.ini.php bug highest Jelix 1.2 beta jelix:installer
#1197 zone tpl plugin does not work with meta tpl plugins of a cached zone template bug normal jelix:plugins:tpl
#891 {form} ne genere pas un contenu valide xhtml 1.0 strict bug lowest jelix:forms
#921 {meta_html others '...' } ne marche pas dans les templates de zone bug normal jelix:tpl
#1342 ~/.jelix-scripts.ini not (entirely) used when creating a new app foxmask bug normal Jelix 1.3 beta 1 jelix-scripts
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
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