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#1383 "cmd.php installapp" and sha1 whith salt bug normal Jelix 1.2.3 jelix-scripts
#352 "jDummyAuthUser class not found" : correction bug high Jelix 1.0 RC1 jelix:auth
#1129 $ should not be allowed in parameters of dao methods foxmask bug low Jelix 1.1.7 jelix:dao
#768 $this->addLink() produce an invalid XHTML laurentj bug low Jelix 1.0.8 jelix:core response
#270 (select|insert|update)pattern ne fonctionnent pas correctement bug high Jelix 1.0beta3 jelix:dao
#923 *pattern of DAO not working with field included in the PRIMARY index of a table enhancement normal Jelix 1.2 beta jelix:dao
#758 / en double sur la construction du path d'un fichier de locale Julien bug normal jelix 1.1 jelix:core:jLocale
#1076 1.0.12 opt build contains a fatal error in lib/jelix/init.php bug highest Jelix 1.0.12 tools:jelix build
#525 2 javascript errors in jforms.js (optimized) bug high Jelix 1.1 beta 1 jelix:forms
#862 3rd party script easy integration enhancement lowest jelix
#426 <?= should not be allowed in template laurentj bug normal Jelix 1.0.1 jelix:tpl
#92 <isnull et <isnotnull ne fonctionnent pas :/ bug normal Jelix 1.0beta2 jelix:dao
#1188 <link> tags in <head> do not always have a type laurentj bug normal Jelix 1.1.7 jelix:core response
#536 <script /> tags don't end with a newline laurentj enhancement lowest Jelix 1.0.4 jelix:core response
#537 API non générée pour jelix 1.0.3 laurentj bug highest web site - do not use -
#509 Ability to change jelix context on the fly enhancement normal Jelix 1.4 jelix
#7 Add a class to do http request enhancement normal Jelix 1.1 beta 1 jelix:utils
#1411 Add a config option to force HTTP version laurentj enhancement normal Jelix 1.3 jelix:core response
#480 Add a default template in a new application bastnic enhancement normal Jelix 1.0.3 jelix-scripts
#427 Add a formdatas plugin enhancement normal Jelix 1.0.1 jelix:forms
#155 Add command line to setup jacl laurentj new feature high Jelix 1.0beta2 jelix-scripts
#473 Add default properties file in iso-8859-15 Julien bug high Jelix 1.0.3 jelix
#1244 Add link identifier to function lastInsertId in mysql API bug normal Jelix 1.1.8 jelix:plugins:db
#1237 Add locks to jCache::call to prevent multiple calls on CPU high-consuming functions enhancement normal Jelix 1.2RC3 jelix:utils
#635 Add support of the required attribute on <checkbox> Julien enhancement normal Jelix 1.1 beta 1 jelix:forms
#289 Add the possibility to overload a jforms form enhancement normal Jelix 1.0 RC1 jelix:forms
#318 Add the support of the mysqli API FlorianLB new feature highest Jelix 1.4 jelix:db
#278 Add webmaster email and his name in the config file laurentj enhancement low Jelix 1.0 RC1 jelix:core
#454 Added support of CLI in module junittests laurentj enhancement high Jelix 1.1 beta 1 module:junittests
#130 Adding a latex/pdf response laurentj new feature low Jelix 1.0beta2 jelix:core response
#553 Adding some style from templates enhancement lowest Jelix 1.1 beta 1 jelix:plugins
#197 Adding support of compiled function/modifier in jtpl new feature high Jelix 1.0beta3 jelix:tpl
#737 Affichage de la stack d'erreur PHP dans outputError en mode debug laurentj enhancement normal Jelix 1.2 beta jelix:core response
#866 Affichage des valeurs des champs de saisie Date et Datetime bug normal Jelix 1.1.2 jelix:forms
#796 Ajout d'un format de date complet avec jDateTime manoo enhancement normal Jelix 1.2 beta jelix:utils
#1179 Ajout d'une méthode isNull à jDateTime enhancement normal Jelix 1.2RC1 jelix:utils
#205 Ajout de la propriété force-encoding laurentj enhancement low Jelix 1.0beta3 jelix-scripts
#98 Ajouter "" autour des champs de BDD avec Postgresql bug normal Jelix 1.0beta3 jelix:dao
#281 Ajouter des méthodes génériques vides (hooks) pour appel depuis les méthodes du CRUD laurentj enhancement normal Jelix 1.0beta3.1 jelix:forms
#1245 Ajouter du code JS avant les fichiers laurentj enhancement normal Jelix 1.2 jelix:core response
#277 Ajouter les expressions régulières dans jForms new feature normal Jelix 1.2RC1 jelix:forms
#214 Ajouter un script JS pour éditer en wysiwyg new feature high Jelix 1.1 beta 1 jelix
#870 Ajouter un script permettant de générer des objets à partir des DAO RomainB new feature low Jelix 1.2 beta jelix-scripts
#172 Ajouter une option de configuration pour une application pour autoriser l'utilisation des constantes dans un template new feature normal Jelix 1.0beta3 jelix:tpl
#678 All error messages are not displayed in some response type laurentj enhancement normal jelix 1.1 jelix:core response
#777 Allow a CLI script to be dedicated to a specific action laurentj enhancement normal jelix 1.1 jelix:core request
#1174 Allowing the use of the value "/" for the pathinfo attribute when including suburls laurentj enhancement normal Jelix 1.3 jelix:core
#1147 Allowing to generate optgroup in menulist and listbox enhancement normal Jelix 1.2RC1 jelix:forms
#917 Amelioration de simple_urlengine_entrypoints enhancement normal Jelix 1.2 beta jelix:plugins:urls
#1220 Amélioration classe utilitaire jImageModifier enhancement normal Jelix 1.3 jelix:utils
#863 Amélioration du menu de master_admin Surfoo enhancement normal Jelix 1.1.2 module:master_admin
#340 Amélioration du plugin de template Pagelinks enhancement normal Jelix 1.0 RC1 jelix:tpl
#855 Amélioration/proposition sur les formulations de master_admin enhancement low Jelix 1.1.2 module:master_admin
#379 Améliorations sur jDateTime flh enhancement normal Jelix 1.0 RC1 jelix:utils
#1078 Appliquer des styles pour les Sujets ouverts / nouveaux foxmask bug normal web site: forum - do not use -
#301 Attribut "name" obsolète lorsqu'un formulaire est généré avec jForms laurentj bug low Jelix 1.0beta3.1 jelix:forms
#302 Attribut method="POST" plutôt que method="post" lorsque un formulaire est généré avec jForms laurentj bug normal Jelix 1.0beta3.1 jelix:tpl
#865 Attribut type dans jFormsControlOutput enhancement normal Jelix 1.1.2 jelix:forms
#918 Avoid realpath in application.init.php laurentj bug high Jelix 1.1.4 jelix:core
#492 Bad error message in jDaoCompiler bug normal Jelix 1.0.3 jelix:dao
#529 Bad error message when missing parameter doubleface bug normal Jelix 1.0.3 jelix:utils
#331 Bad generated path in JELIX_APP_WWW_PATH with windows bug high Jelix 1.0 RC1 jelix-scripts
#713 Bad parsing in jLocale bibo bug normal Jelix 1.0.6 jelix:core:jLocale
#877 Bad path in Jelix script with JELIX_APP_TEMP_PATH bballizlife bug normal Jelix 1.1.3 jelix-scripts
#1072 Better flexibility in jForms obs enhancement normal Jelix 1.5.0 jelix:forms
#624 Block template de compression JS laurentj new feature low Jelix 1.2.7 jelix:plugins:tpl
#1097 Bloquer l'appelle de __construct depuis l'url bug normal Jelix 1.1.7 jelix:controllers
#824 Boolean fields are no longer saved to dao by jForms bug high jelix 1.1 jelix:forms
#387 Boucle infinie avec les messages d'erreurs localisés Julien bug highest Jelix 1.0RC2 jelix:core:jLocale
#398 Bug Dao fonction countBy et paramètre ORDER laurentj bug normal Jelix 1.0 jelix:dao
#945 Bug avec {image} quand le nom de l'image contient un espace bug normal Jelix 1.1.4 jelix:utils
#1513 Bug changement de mot de passe avec le module jauthdb_admin bug normal Jelix 1.3.8 module:jauthdb_admin
#203 Bug condition IN laurentj bug high Jelix 1.0beta3 jelix:dao
#586 Bug creating sqlite record (autoincrement) laurentj bug high Jelix 1.0.4 jelix:dao
#83 Bug création application avec withcmdline bug low Jelix 1.0beta2 jelix-scripts
#269 Bug dans jFormsBase : saveFile() et saveAllFiles() bug normal Jelix 1.0beta3 jelix:forms
#976 Bug dans une methode xml d'un dao sur like quand la property est un int laurentj bug normal Jelix 1.0.11 jelix:dao
#781 Bug de validation d'un formulaire quand il y a un tag <radiobuttons> dans le formulaire Julien bug normal jelix 1.1 jelix:forms
#822 Bug entre jcommunity et la nouvelle admin bibo bug normal Jelix 1.1.2 jelix:events
#850 Bug graphique dans la master_admin bug lowest Jelix 1.1.1 module:master_admin
#857 Bug jForms vérification datetime avec IE bug normal Jelix 1.1.2 jelix-www
#421 Bug junittests lié au context laurentj bug normal Jelix 1.0.1 module:junittests
#997 Bug lors de l'utilisation de "createapp" avec Jelix trunk bug normal Jelix 1.2 beta jelix-scripts
#816 Bug quand un nombre impaire de widget est ajoute au dashboard admin bug normal jelix 1.1 module:master_admin
#106 Bug si code dans un commentaire jTpl bballizlife bug low jTpl 1.0 jTpl standalone
#125 Bug sur la méthode compilée update() laurentj bug normal Jelix 1.0beta2 jelix:dao
#599 Bug with the significant url engine when using urlhandler and noentrypoint bug highest Jelix 1.0.4 jelix:plugins
#959 Build nightlies from laurentj task highest web site - do not use -
#1301 Build problem with php.5.2.8 bug normal Jelix 1.3 beta 1 tools:jelix build
#633 CLI script and applications shouldn't share the same temp directory bug high jelix 1.1 jelix-scripts
#847 CRUD - formdatafull group colspan enhancement lowest Jelix 1.2 beta jelix:plugins:tpl
#844 CRUD built-in template - "Pages" isn't localized enhancement lowest Jelix 1.0.8 jelix:controllers
#1398 Call to undefined method jClassicRequest::getDomainName() bug normal Jelix 1.2.3 jelix:core request
#477 Can not use schema in jDao with PostgreSQL enhancement normal Jelix 1.1.6 jelix:db
#835 Can't set the "id" we want in the redirect response in _afterCreate() and _afterUpdate() methods mike bug normal Jelix 1.1.2 jelix:controllers
#941 Cannot use a form with an id control with the jauthdb_admin module laurentj bug normal Jelix 1.1.4 module:jauthdb_admin
#557 Caractères échapés dans firebug Lipki bug lowest Jelix 1.0.4 jelix:core response
#1391 Centralize version informations laurentj enhancement normal web site - do not use -
#188 Champ manquant dans l'objet jResponseBinary laurentj bug lowest Jelix 1.0beta3 jelix:core response
#552 Change content-type of jResponseJSon to application/json according to rfc4627 laurentj bug normal Jelix 1.0.4 jelix:core response
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