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FlorianLB (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1463 Configure different crud links in DaoCrud jelix:controllers enhancement Apr 8, 2012

It can be easier to configure directly and in our controller which crud links must be displayed in differents template.

Ex :

 protected $actionsForList = array('edit', 'delete', 'list');

//Will display the "edit" link and "delete" link for each line of the table and the "back to list" link at the end.

It can be done in a custom template but I think it can be good to have this comportment by default.

I already use that things in a subclass of jControllerDaoCrud so the patch is ready if you want it.

#1423 Appliqué un des filtres supplémentaires dans jForms pour "préparer" les données jelix:forms new feature Aug 24, 2011


Dans jForms, par exemple, il n'est pas possible d'appliqué un trim() automatiquement. Exemple:

J'ai un simple jForms:

<input ref="nom" type="string" required="true">

<input ref="prenom" type="string">

Seul le nom est requis, dans ce cas là pas de problème, mais le prénom est à choix, et si le visiteur tape " abcde", alors ma variable contiendra aussi " abcde", je suis obligé de faire un trim() à la main pour obtenir "abcde".

Je pense à un nouvel attribut du style trim="true/false/ltrim/rtrim" dans jForms

On pourrais aussi penser à un nouvel attribut du genre "xss_clean" qui applique automatiquement un htmlspecialchars

Un peu comme dans Codeigniter => je trouve cette fonction pas mal.

Qu'en pensez-vous?

Julien (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1336 jForms: empty upload controls linked to a dao property should not erase the property's value jelix:forms bug May 11, 2011

...either you would have to upload the file every time you submit the form in update context...


#489 Add support for partial overloads for non-generic locales (en_US, fr_CA, ...) and overloaded locales jelix:core:jLocale enhancement Mar 6, 2008

It could be very powerfull if we could only redefine 1 string for locale en_US, and let Jelix do some kind of merging whith the locale en_EN.

Same idea for overloaded locales in the "overload" directory of modules. Would be very nice to be able to overload just 1 string and not the full file.

Mix both cases and you have this : en_US (overloaded) > en_US (original) > en_EN (overloaded) > en_EN (original).

If everything fails, we have an exception like today.

Is this a good enhancement ?

I have 2 methods for doing this :

  1. trying to get the locale recursively and returning it when found.
  1. at compilation/caching time, some kind of merging is done and all files (for every locale, original or overloaded) have the full set of strings inside.

Method 2 should be more efficient in production use, because compilation/caching should only be done once, but this compilation/caching process will be more heavy. It also seems simplier to code.

Which method should I choose (please don't answer "both and we'll see" ;) )

#490 Do not create session when it is not necessary jelix:core:jSession enhancement Mar 7, 2008

Sometimes, on a web site, sessions are not required, or only when a module would like to store something in it. So, for some visitors, sessions are created even if it is not used. This is a perf issue : it creates a file or a record which is not useful.

We could have jSession::get($varname) and jSession::set($varname, $value) to read or save session variables. So we use them instead of using directly $_SESSION, and there isn't a session_start systematically.

session_start is called only when calling jSession::set. When we call jSession::get, it should detect if there is a cookie of session. If yes, it execute session_start and return the value from $_SESSION, else it just returns null or "". (of course session_start is called only one time during the execution of an action).

bricet (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1436 jDao : a notice is dropped on insert() when having an "insertpattern" on a PK and on a regular field jelix:dao bug Oct 26, 2011

In a dao, if you have an "insertpattern" on a PK and on a regular field, this leads to a notice (Trying to get property of non-object) on insert().

This is due to a SELECT generated to get the value of insertpattern'ed regular field (this request does not return anything as there is a WHERE clause on PK, and insertpattern'ed PK's value is not known).

This SELECT request is not generated if a PK has an insertpattern and regular fields does not. I guess we should have a system to get the value in those cases too.

To my point of view, the only way to solve the problem (keeping current functionnalities) would be to make a dummy request (e.g. "SELECT NOW()" in MySQL) to get PK insertpattern'ed value(s), then use those values on the INSERT and, if needed, in the SELECT's WHERE-clause.

#1199 {ifuserconnected} and {ifuserconnected} should optionnally concern metas too jelix:plugins:tpl enhancement Oct 12, 2010

{ifuserconnected} and {ifuserconnected} jTpl plugin only concern content for now. It would be interesting if they concerned also metas.

This is currently {meta} and {meta_html} tags. This should also concern {include} and {zone} if #1196 and #1197 are accepted.

Here is a patch.

flav (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1181 Ajout d'un convertisseur svg vers png ou jpeg dans jImagemodifier. jelix:utils new feature Sep 22, 2010

(necessite ImageMagick?)

Je pense qu'il serait interessant de pouvoir transformer un svg en jpeg ou en png grâce à la classe jImagemodifier.

Dans ce cas, il faudra peut-être au moins compléter la documentation de la balise image.

Je me lance ?

foxmask (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1075 Support de Doctrine jelix Jelix 2.0.0 new feature Mar 29, 2010

Une possibilité d'utiliser doctrine pour jelix serait intéressante.

Par contre je ne pense pas qu'inclure doctrine dans le build soit opportun.

Mais qu'une page de doc indiquant où ajouter doctrine serait plus souple.

A cet effet j'ai un patch à proposer, tester avec jelix 1.1 et 1.2. J'ai pu généré les models dans un dossier models dédié puis l'exploiter via un

 $data = jDoctrine::get('module~Model')->findAll();

A noter que pour utiliser le patch à venir, plutot que de modifier le init.php, j'ai trouve plus simple de modifier le application.ini.php avec les infos suivantes à la fin du fichier :

spl_autoload_register(array('Doctrine', 'autoload'));
$manager = Doctrine_Manager::getInstance();
spl_autoload_register(array('Doctrine_Core', 'modelsAutoload'));
$manager->setAttribute(Doctrine_Core::ATTR_MODEL_LOADING, Doctrine_Core::MODEL_LOADING_CONSERVATIVE);

Ainsi on disposera de toute l'artillerie de Doctrine à portée de main.

laurentj (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1223 New router for URL jelix:core enhancement Nov 7, 2010

Current behaviors of URL engine should be improved.

The current simple url engine does not make sens any more and simple and basic significant engine are difficult to configure.

We should have only one URL engine, based on the current significant url engine. So we could remove the support of driver in jUrl. However, we could provide another kind of drivers, allowing to choice how urls informations are stored: in a php file like today, or a sql database etc...

In urls.xml, we should have a way to have simple url like for the basic url engine.

#1418 Oracle ne retourne pas de manière prédictive les résultats jelix:dao bug Aug 17, 2011

Bug: Oracle ne retourne pas de manière prédictive les résultats dans un select, en conséquence, dans un daocrud, certains élément vont apparaître sur plusieurs pages différentes alors que d'autre n'apparaîtront pas.

Correctif: lorsqu'aucun ordre n'a été précisé explicitement, on force l'ordre sur la clef primaire

Manquement: N'est pas traité le cas où la table n'a pas de clef primaire. Tant pis.

Goodie: pour tous, les données sont affichées automatiquement selon l'ordre de la clef primaire pour le daocrud et aussi pour tout ce qui utilise le findBy, comme les listes, etc

Remarque: Testé uniquement avec Oracle et c'est une contribution de A nonyme :)

#1071 jForms : add methods to the API to help manage reference count introduced in #876 fix jelix:forms enhancement Mar 22, 2010

Since #876 fix, jForms now have an internal counter to manage multiple create without any delete. This could happen, for example, if a user opens several browser windows/tabs of the same Jelix page. What is expected from the user is to be able to use whatever window/tab he wants, may be several if your application can handle with that.

So the use of JForms in that case is quite different.

For exemple, to avoid data overlap between several windows/tabs, you may want to clear() a jForm after making a fill() (if entered data is not accepted by your app). Destroy() only decrements the counter. You may want to destroy all instances, so add a destroyAllInstances(). You may also want to know how many instances of a form where created with getInstancesCount().

There is also a clean() method which exists but is not documented, as far as I know.

With those 3 additional methods, you could use jForms as is :

  • prepare : create() a jForms, whatever get() is (you may test getInstancesCount() if you want to avoid to many creations). Multiple create() on a given selector won't bloat $_SESSION since it just increments a counter. You may clean() before create() to remove old instances.
  • show : if you need to, setData() to some fields, fetch() your template assigning him the form and then clear() the form. This prevents multiple jForms data overlap
  • save : fill() your form. If there are data errors, clear() it and redirect to show(). If everything is OK, store your data or whatever you have to do with them, clear() your jForms and go to "end"
  • end : destroy() your jForms

In some place of your code, for example when a user connects, you can call destroyAllInstances() - with no args - to make sure all instances of all forms are destroyed.

#922 pagelinks plugin uses offsets instead of page numbers jelix:plugins:tpl enhancement May 15, 2009

Currently, pagelinks uses offsets but page numbers would be better for everyone, it's more understandable !

lucky1er (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1453 jDao : DELETE table1 query with join on table2 jelix:dao enhancement Mar 26, 2012

The objective is to generate a such jDAO query on a MySQL database (example) :

DELETE table1 FROM table1 LEFT JOIN table2 ON ( = WHERE table1.critere = 1

AND table2.autre IS NULL


obs (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#1339 jForms: choice controls should be allowed in group controls jelix:forms enhancement May 11, 2011


#1492 Add an attribute to jForms to submit it by XHR jelix:forms enhancement Nov 22, 2012

This bug aims to provide a way to define a form as an ajax form. Meaning no reload of the page on submit

Using this or something else. Need to work with jFormsJQ

#566 jForms: support of <repeat> jelix:forms new feature Apr 28, 2008

Sometimes, in a form, we need to duplicate some fields dynamically. A typical example is to have upload fields to attach a file to an article. The number of this field depends of the need of the user, so there are some buttons to add dynamically a new upload field, or to remove an upload field.

<repeat> could bring this feature. Example:

<repeat ref="uploadedfile" min="1" max="5" count="3"
        addlabel="Add a new file" removelabel="remove this file">
   <input ref="filelabel"><label>title for the file</label></input>
   <upload ref="file"><label>the file to upload</label></input>
   <!-- <datasource dao="".../> -->

the input and the upload elements will be repeated 3 times. But if we indicate a datasource element, there will have as many input/upload files as records given by the datasource.

the uplodadedfile data will be an array with data of each input/upload "lines".

#1443 OAuth authentification jelix:auth new feature Dec 30, 2011

Add to jelix the ability to login with a OAuth provider like FaceBook?, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn?

#436 Improve the way how submit buttons are managed jelix:forms enhancement Jan 21, 2008

To have a better handling of submit buttons (because of the bug in ie6, see ticket #431), we can use an array as a name :

<input type="submit" name="cmd[commande_A]" value="Commande A"> <input type="submit" name="cmd[commande_B]" value="Commande B"> <input type="submit" name="cmd[commande_C]" value="Commande C">

So we can know which submit button has been clicked, without to check the value.

#740 htmlfragment et jform jelix:forms enhancement Nov 19, 2008

Pouvoir utiliser les jform dans un response "htmlfragment"

#1195 jForms et groupes de niveau multiples jelix:forms enhancement Oct 7, 2010

Il est actuellement impossible de créer des groupes de niveau supérieur à 1 dans un jForm.

#1493 Use jQuery UI Spinner in the time and datetime jForms control jelix:forms enhancement Nov 30, 2012

Everything in the summary...

#1494 Use jQuery UI tooltip in jForms control jelix:forms enhancement Nov 30, 2012

I think we should use this UI to display errors and maybe other things...

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