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Mar 19, 2010:

2:05 PM Ticket #1069 (Jforms: opening several new same form generate "invalid token errors") closed by bricet
invalid: Actually it seems there is no bug at all. I had just a wrong usage of …
11:28 AM Ticket #1069 (Jforms: opening several new same form generate "invalid token errors") created by bricet
When the security against CSRF is activated (allowAnyOrigin=false by …
10:55 AM Ticket #876 (Jforms: opening several new same form generate "invalid token errors") closed by laurentj
fixed: please open a new ticket. This bug was fixed. Apparently you talk …
10:40 AM Ticket #876 (Jforms: opening several new same form generate "invalid token errors") reopened by bricet
It seems this problem is back again.

Mar 13, 2010:

2:58 PM Ticket #1068 (history function time bugfix) created by catsoup
For reason, I don't know, the "session_time_name" variable of session …

Mar 10, 2010:

10:31 PM Ticket #1067 (jacl2 stocke les donnée avant la validation definitive d'un nouveau membre) created by webseb
Lors de l'inscription d'un membre, les table du module jacl2 sont …
3:42 PM Ticket #1066 (Problème de suppression d'un utilisateur (avec Postgres)) created by Nicolas
La suppression d'un utilisateur faite via la fonction removeUser dans …

Mar 9, 2010:

5:00 PM Ticket #1065 (jFilter::isEmail should accept domains without any dot) created by bricet
It seems, according to …
12:20 PM Ticket #1064 (Testapp does not create jlx_cache and jsessions tables) created by bricet
Using mysql (not tested with pgsql) and following all instructions of …

Feb 28, 2010:

7:27 PM Ticket #1063 (metas supplementaires) created by foxmask
il serait pratique d'avoir : […] pour obtenir […] de meme …

Feb 24, 2010:

11:46 AM Ticket #1062 (kvdb drivers should implement jIKVList or Iterator) created by laurentj
Drivers should implement an interface which allow to list all existing …
11:44 AM Ticket #1061 (dba driver for jKVdb) created by laurentj
We should provide a driver for

Feb 23, 2010:

12:06 AM Ticket #798 (Compression et aglomération des JS et CSS d'une réponse HTML) closed by laurentj
duplicate: duplicata du #860
12:05 AM Ticket #924 (Compression des javascripts a la volee) closed by laurentj
duplicate: duplicata du #860

Feb 22, 2010:

11:54 PM Ticket #883 (impossible to have a different urlengine for each entry points of a ...) closed by laurentj
11:50 PM Ticket #846 (CRUD $what template variable) closed by laurentj
11:29 PM Ticket #539 (Zones Ajax) closed by laurentj
11:10 PM Ticket #42 (World domination) closed by laurentj

Feb 21, 2010:

12:24 PM Ticket #1060 (wrong typo dbProfils.ini.php instead of dbprofils.ini.php) created by catsoup
A small typo fix is required after ticket 966

Feb 19, 2010:

9:54 AM Ticket #1049 (remove TM_DIR constant in the file driver of jKVStore) closed by laurentj
fixed: fixed in

Feb 18, 2010:

4:33 PM en/futur_release_process created by laurentj
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