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Jan 1, 2012:

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Dec 30, 2011:

12:01 AM Ticket #1443 (OAuth authentification) created by obs
Add to jelix the ability to login with a OAuth provider like FaceBook?, …

Dec 26, 2011:

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Dec 24, 2011:

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Dec 23, 2011:

7:49 PM Ticket #862 (3rd party script easy integration) closed by laurentj
7:42 PM Ticket #1099 (Enlever htmlspecialchars() dans jMessage) closed by laurentj
7:40 PM Ticket #931 (Plugin NoSpam) closed by laurentj
wontfix: proposer ce plugin sur
7:39 PM Ticket #859 (exposing js/css/img files of a module into the www space) closed by laurentj
7:37 PM Ticket #817 (Proposition d'amelioration du dashboard) closed by laurentj
7:27 PM Ticket #598 (HTML to Excel (response)) closed by laurentj
7:24 PM Ticket #533 (plugin syntax highlighting) closed by laurentj
wontfix: Si ce projet abouti, le mettre à disposition quelques parts (un site …
7:13 PM Ticket #1417 (404 définition namespace XML) closed by laurentj
invalid: Il n'y a aucune spécification qui oblige à ce qu'un fichier doit être …
7:00 PM Ticket #1286 (Template plugin pour graphique) closed by laurentj
wontfix: mettre ça plutôt sur un dépot ou site quelconque (bitbucket, github ou …
6:54 PM Ticket #1243 (jForms - Impossible de charger les css et js nécessaires à jForms) closed by laurentj
wontfix: trop de complications…
6:02 PM Ticket #910 (support of pathinfo attribute on url element with handler) closed by laurentj
invalid: I think it is already possible, or I don't remember what I would …
5:55 PM Ticket #852 (jacl2db_admin should display the subject more userfriendly) closed by laurentj
5:50 PM Ticket #786 (Possibility to define default variables in templates) closed by laurentj
5:45 PM Ticket #739 (Definir le profil de db d'un dao depuis un xml form) closed by laurentj
5:38 PM Ticket #653 (More flexibility in template plugins) closed by laurentj
5:33 PM Ticket #617 (Plugin coord de cache) closed by laurentj
12:46 AM Ticket #1212 (jMailer: jTpl meta names should all use the same case) closed by laurentj
12:45 AM Ticket #596 (HTML to PDF (response)) closed by laurentj

Dec 22, 2011:

11:59 PM Ticket #6 (clause <regexp> dans les conditions daos) closed by laurentj
wontfix: Je ne pense pas qu'il y ait une solution satisfaisante…
5:48 PM Ticket #343 (new response for SVG) closed by laurentj
5:45 PM Ticket #150 (on ne peut pas supprimer le cache d'une autre appli) closed by laurentj
5:44 PM Ticket #119 (support of gzip encoding in response) closed by laurentj
wontfix: use apache/nginx/whatever features for this.
5:42 PM Ticket #30 (intégration d'une lib ajax et de plugins de templates associés) closed by laurentj
fixed: les plugins futurs seront à proposer sur ou dans des …
5:40 PM Ticket #14 (Ajout commande pour insérer rapidement données de test) closed by laurentj
5:19 PM Ticket #1275 (Message erreur avec zlib/ob_end_clean) closed by laurentj
fixed: à priori corrigé il y a quelques mois sur la branche 1.2…

Dec 19, 2011:

6:43 PM Ticket #1442 (Crash when creating a form from command line) created by philippev
When I try to create a form using a malformed dao file (foreign keys …

Dec 18, 2011:

3:27 PM Milestone Jelix 1.3.1 completed
Maintenance release of Jelix 1.3 (will fixed some bugs discovered in …

Dec 14, 2011:

10:21 PM Ticket #1435 (Limit queries are not completely shown in the debugbar) closed by laurentj
fixed: fixed : …
9:49 PM Ticket #1440 (jDao : bad sql generation for update methods) closed by laurentj
fixed: Fixed …

Dec 5, 2011:

6:22 PM Ticket #1441 (Can not use {assign}'ed values in metas) created by bricet
It could be usefull (and logical) to be able to use variables assigned …
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