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Feb 10, 2012:

3:42 PM Ticket #1447 (url_significant plugin, force https and http) created by zitoun
While jurl can generate https urls with specific parameter in …[…]

Feb 4, 2012:

11:28 PM Ticket #1078 (Appliquer des styles pour les Sujets ouverts / nouveaux) closed by foxmask
fixed: fait !

Jan 31, 2012:

11:11 AM Ticket #1446 (jForms, balise <menulist> et attribut selected="true") created by nesswaw
Bonjour, J'ai ce code dans mon jForm: […] Quand je test la …

Jan 28, 2012:

3:27 PM Milestone Jelix 1.2.7 completed
Maintenance release of Jelix 1.2 (will fix some bugs discovered in …

Jan 24, 2012:

6:14 PM fr/drafts/preferences edited by laurentj
6:13 PM fr/drafts/preferences edited by laurentj

Jan 21, 2012:

3:28 PM Ticket #1200 (add {meta_if} {meta_elsif} {meta_else} {/meta_if} operators to jTpl) closed by laurentj
fixed: pushed. …

Jan 18, 2012:

10:15 AM Ticket #1198 (when closing a tpl block plugin, it should have the parameters passed ...) closed by laurentj
wontfix: Problem with this proposition: 1) support of the behavior in if, …

Jan 17, 2012:

11:23 PM Ticket #23 (classe lecture d’un rss/atom distant) closed by laurentj

Jan 12, 2012:

10:42 AM Ticket #1445 (Ajout de contrôle jForms par plugin) created by obs
Permettre d'ajouter des contrôles jForms via des plugins en suivant le …

Jan 11, 2012:

5:52 PM rfc/jforms-controls-plugins edited by laurentj
5:48 PM rfc/jforms-controls-plugins created by laurentj
1:42 PM rfc/jforms-storage edited by laurentj
1:37 PM rfc/jforms-storage created by laurentj
1:29 PM rfc edited by laurentj
1:28 PM rfc/new-url-routing edited by laurentj
1:26 PM rfc/jlocale-storage created by laurentj
1:17 PM rfc edited by laurentj
1:14 PM rfc/new-url-routing created by laurentj
1:01 PM rfc/autoload created by laurentj
12:43 PM rfc edited by laurentj
12:42 PM rfc created by laurentj
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