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May 2, 2012:

10:49 PM Ticket #1467 (jauthdb module inconnu quand on passe de l'admin.php à l'index.php) created by foxmask
Quand on installe master admin via […] Une fois qu'on se connecte …

Apr 23, 2012:

10:04 PM Ticket #1466 (jDateTime initialization with an iso8601 string is wrong) created by lionelt
When initialized with an iso8601 string including a timezone …

Apr 16, 2012:

8:59 PM Ticket #1465 (jForms: issue with refcount and CSRF token) created by michelma
[…] When creating form using an $id as a string, we should not get …
3:28 PM Ticket #1464 (Some little enhancements about response tpl metas) created by bricet
Git commit 546f10bd15c912a4fdf99ee8168cc8ae124b4a64 has a side-effect …

Apr 8, 2012:

11:21 PM Ticket #1463 (Configure different crud links in DaoCrud) created by FlorianLB
It can be easier to configure directly and in our controller which …
10:26 PM Ticket #1462 (Load all the JS in the footer) created by foxmask
It will be usefull if we could decide where to load JS ; in head or in …
12:34 AM Ticket #1461 (minify and jquery.min.js) created by foxmask
Here is what i did : in the defaultconfig.ini.php […] in my …

Apr 7, 2012:

10:38 AM Ticket #1458 (new plugin : imagemodule) closed by catsoup
invalid: Hello, oups, sorry, I had difficulties to find doc, will write some :)

Apr 6, 2012:

1:18 PM Ticket #1460 (Sitemap::getUrlsFromUrlsXml() does not include the basePath and entrypoint) created by laurentj
The title says all. The resulting sitemap contains invalid urls. We …

Apr 5, 2012:

2:22 PM Ticket #1459 (the home of is not valid W3C) created by foxmask there …

Apr 3, 2012:

11:59 PM Ticket #1458 (new plugin : imagemodule) created by catsoup
Hello, I made a plugin imagemodule, it uses the new feature provided …
2:13 PM Ticket #1457 (misunderstanding error msg) created by foxmask
When we enter : […] we have the error […] not because the …

Apr 2, 2012:

12:19 PM Ticket #1456 (jforms: listbox linked together are not updated automatically inside a ...) created by laurentj
Example […] naf2 is not updated when naf1 is changed.
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