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     1= TracAdmin =
     4Trac is distributed with a powerful command-line configuration tool. This tool can be used  to configure and customize your Trac-installation to better fit your needs.
     6== Usage ==
     8You can get a comprehensive list of the available options, commands and sub-commands by invoking `trac-admin` with the `help` command:
     10trac-admin help
     13Unless you're executing the `help`, `about` or `version` sub-commands, you'll need to specify the path to the TracEnvironment that you want to administer as the first argument, for example:
     15trac-admin /path/to/projenv wiki list
     18== Interactive Mode ==
     20When passing the environment path as the only argument, `trac-admin` starts in interactive mode.
     21Commands can then be executed on the selected environment using the prompt, which offers tab-completion
     22(on non-Windows environments, and when the Python `readline` module is available) and automatic repetition of the last command issued.
     24Once you're in interactive mode, you can also get help on specific commands or subsets of commands:
     26For example, to get an explanation of the `resync` command, run:
     28> help resync
     31To get help on a all the Wiki-related commands, run:
     33> help wiki
     37See also: TracGuide, TracBackup, TracPermissions, TracEnvironment, TracIni