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     1= Coding style =
     3== Editor's setting ==
     5Here are the rules you must respect while editing sources of jelix :
     7 * encoding used in the sources is UTF-8 (since svn 386)
     8 * for indent, 4 space characters are used (no tab character)
     10== Creating a new file ==
     12You must add a header in the PHP source :
     16* @package     package
     17* @subpackage  sub-package
     18* @author      your name
     19* @contributor
     20* @copyright   2007 your name
     21* @link
     22* @licence     GNU Lesser General Public Licence see LICENCE file or
     26Package in general is jelix. Sub-package, for jelix, it is the name of the directory in lib/jelix.
     28You have to specify your name on the @author line and the copyright on the @copyright line.
     30The license for the jelix files must be LGPL. For jelix-scripts, it's GPL. For the modules, this is your choice.
     32== Modifying the existing sources ==
     34For the files you modify but you didn't creqte, you can specify your name in the header :
     36 * in the @contributor line
     37 * add a @copyright line with your copyright.
     39Of course, modifying an existing file implies that you accept that your modifications will be published under the specified license in the header.
     41== The code ==
     43The code must be the most powerfull and light that is possible for you. It must be usable as easy as possible.
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