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    11= Documentation Guidelines =
    22Here is a summary of the guidelines for the english documentation. You are free to apply or not these guidelines in the other language.
     4== General writing ==
     5There is simple trick that you use when writing documentation. You need to make sure that the content is reader-friendly, so avoid putting to many technical terms: don't talk about Unix sockets when talking of database, even if they are mentioned in the API. Write your documentation as if the reader remember only half of what he read on the preceding pages, but remembers everything from the current page. Be mindful, and don't over-simplify the documentation: advanced users won't like it.
     7As always, be careful for grammar and spelling mistake. Write in regular, international english and don't use colloquial terms. Always preview your changes, to double check for errors.
     9== Inline code ==
     10There are many guidelines for inline code. However, following them will create a consistent look in the documentation
     12=== Files and folders ===
     13For files and folders referenced inside text, use the inline code syntax. You simply add @@F@ before the path and @@ after.
     18=== Function names ===
     19To specify a function name inside a paragraph, surround it with **.
     22**function** of the jelixClass