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Releasing a new version of Jelix

What should have been done to release a new version of jelix..

  • Update the manual content, update its version number etc..
  • check if this files are updated:
    • README
    • lib/jelix/CREDITS
    • lib/jelix/INSTALL
    • lib/jelix-modules/CREDITS
  • update changelogs in the web site:
    • the page dedicated to the branch should be updated with the list of improvements and bug fixed
    • create this page for new branch
    • don't forget similar pages in other languages
  • for major stable release, create a new branch jelix-1.X.x
  • update the version number in these files to reflect the new version
    • lib/jelix/VERSION
    • lib/jelix/CHANGELOG
    • testapp/VERSION
  • add a tag on the branch: RELEASE_JELIX_X_Y_Z where X_Y_Z is the version number. ex: 1_1_3, 1_2_BETA1
  • create packages locally with build/buildjelix.php and build/buildapp.php and test them
  • If this is a new branch
    • update the controller of the homepage of the web site, add the branch number in the list
    • update all menu bar in all web sites to add link to the manual
  • on the server, run
    • scripts/release $VERSION where $VERSION is the version number of the release (1.0.11 for example)
    • it will build package, manual, pdf, reference API and install them on
  • update the download page on the web site
  • publish a news on
  • modify this files to reflect the next future version, with a "pre" suffix, on the release branch, and for a major release, on the master branch
    • lib/jelix/VERSION
    • lib/jelix/CHANGELOG
    • testapp/VERSION
  • on the bug tracker
    • close the corresponding roadmap
    • create a roadmap for the next version (minor and major if necessary)
    • add the released version in the list of versions