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     1= Efficient storage for jLocale =
     3== why ==
     5For the moment (Jelix 1.3) jLocale read properties file and store a PHP array in a cache file, to improve performance when retrieving a string. However, there can be calls to many properties files, so there are many includes. This is not still very good in term of performance and it can take many memory.
     7== Proposition ==
     9Instead of caching properties in a PHP file, use a database (NoSQL through jKvDB ?).
     11jLocale:get should then:
     13  * first, try if the given key does not exist in the database
     14  * if not, read the corresponding properties file, store all values in the database, and if the key does not exist: exception.
     16An other solution, with better performances at runtime: after the configuration compilation, jLocale reads all properties file of all modules and store values in the database. jLocale::get is then very simple. For development environment, database should be reset at each action, to take care about changes in properties file.
     20Corresponding ticket : [ticket:813]
     23== Comments ==